Auctions & Items for Sale
There are no complete UNIT auctions scheduled at the moment.
But there are these items
(only one of each, unless specified otherwise).
No closing date, Manager may accept high bid at any time.
Items may not be exactly as pictured.
All dimensions are approximate.
All items are sold AS IS, no warranty.

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Computer Case
'Coolermaster CM Stacker'
awesome gaming rig, easy mod,
full-size ATX/BTX, silver/black,
12 front bays fit three 120mm
front fans (not included),
90mm top fan, 90mm side fan
or side window, 120mm rear fan,
top or bottom PSU placement
(PSU not included),
9"wide x 23"deep x 21.5" high
(+ feet/wheels), $300 value.

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Computer Fans & Heatsinks
90/120/140mm fans, heatsinks,
Thermaltake Big Water water-cooling
system, misc. parts,
each sold separately.

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The Great Band Era
Ten LP vinyl record set,
Collector's Edition of
Original Recordings.
37 top bands including
Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey,
Guy Lombardo, Benny Goodman,
many more.

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Stereo Cabinet
to hold audio/video components,
20"wide x 17.5"deep x 37.5"high,
on swivelling wheels,
hinged glass top door,
hinged glass front door,
2 shelves (1 adjustable),
more shelves could be added.

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50"wide x 22"deep x 30.5"high,
woodgrain, slight water damage in
left bottom corner (could be fixed).

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Curio Display Cabinet
Bernardi jewelry(?) display cab,
nice woodgrain, sliding glass,
22.5"wide x 12"high x 12"deep.

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CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Tower
two halves, each fit in corner
or combine to fit against wall,
hold 150 discs, stands 41" high
on floor or desktop, black.

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CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS Cabinet
5 shelves hold total of
~110 VHS tapes, ~280 CD's,
~200 DVD/Blu-Ray discs,
or any combination of the above.

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Two VHS Players, ~250 tapes,
Roxio Easy VHStoDVD software.
4-Head Hi-Fi Stereo VHS players,
Adventure/sci-fi/gothic-horror movies,
documentaries, music videos, taped
off of TV but mostly commercial-free.
Roxio software allows you to burn VHS
tapes to your PC.

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CD/Radio Alarm Clock
Sony CD-player/radio/clock. Alarm
can wake you with CD or radio.