We describe lots of road name changes and landmarks here so that you can check that you're on the right track, but there are few turns to make. Refer to the map below the following description.

If you are coming into Penticton from the northeast (from Naramata), then you are on Naramata Road heading south.

As you approach Penticton, there is a bend where you pass the turnoff to the Landfill site. Here Naramata Road becomes McMillan Avenue.

TURN #1:
Shortly, the road ahead takes a sharp bend to the right. Instead of following that bend, turn south (left) onto Upper Bench Road North. Soon Upper Bench Road North becomes Upper Bench Road South. After the road turns sharply right, Upper Bench Road South becomes Johnson Road.

TURN #2:
Immediately after you pass The Rocky Store on your left, turn south (left) onto Haven Hill Road. At the bottom of Haven Hill, the road turns sharply right. You go across a creek and come to a traffic light.

TURN #3:
At the traffic light, turn south (left) onto Government Street. Then follow Government Street until, after crossing the next traffic light at Duncan Avenue, you go up a hill to another traffic light.

You are now at the corner of the Hospital at Government Street and Carmi Avenue (facing south).

Now follow this link for a zoomed map with directions from Penticton Hospital. Penticton map