Refer to the map below the following description.

Start where our:
• directions coming from northwest of Penticton or
• directions coming from northeast of Penticton
leave you, at the corner of the Hospital at Government Street and Carmi Avenue (facing south).

TURN #1:
Turn east (left) onto Carmi Avenue, between First Baptist Church and Penticton Health Centre. You will pass Carmi Medical Dental on your left. Follow Carmi Avenue as it curves and then goes down a small hill. There is an (almost empty) auto wrecking yard on your right.

TURN #2:
Turn south (right) onto Dartmouth Road just before First Rate Auto Body.

TURN #3:
Turn east (left) onto Commercial Way when you pass Pacific Rim Equipment and before Leavitt Machinery. Look for the sign up the road on your right side that says "Xtra Storage".

"X" marks the spot! industrial area map