We describe lots of road name changes and landmarks here so that you can check that you're on the right track, but there are few turns to make. Refer to the map below the following description.

If you are coming into Penticton from the southwest (from Kaleden, Keremeos, Princeton, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos), via the west side of Skaha Lake, then you are on Highway 97 heading north.

As you enter Penticton, Highway 97 becomes also known as Skaha Lake Road. You will pass a golf course and then the airport on your left. On your right is Skaha beach.

TURN #1:
When you go over a bridge across the river channel, you will come to a traffic light. Turn north (left) onto the Channel Parkway / Highway 97 bypass.

Proceed north on the Channel Parkway. The river channel will be on your left. The first turnoff on your right is Green Avenue West. Do NOT take this turnoff. Keep going straight on the Channel Parkway.

TURN #2:
Turn east (right) onto the second turnoff (Warren Avenue West) from the Channel Parkway. As you proceed east on Warren Avenue West, you will pass a church on your right and then cross a 4-way stop. You will then pass Cherry Lane Mall on your right. Cross Main Street at the traffic light. Then you will pass Winners and Petcetera on your right. Cross the 4-way stop at Government Street.

TURN #3:
Proceed two blocks and then turn north (left) onto Dartmouth Road.

You are now next to the old S.P.C.A. on Dartmouth Road (facing north) at the intersection of Warren Avenue East where it becomes Dartmouth Drive.

Now follow this link for a zoomed map and directions from the old S.P.C.A. Penticton map