Storage Units
We offer the following selection of storage units to suit your space/heat/access requirements and budget:
5x10 Roll-up exterior door 3' 0.9m 7' 2.1m 4½' 1.4m 9½' 2.9m 9½-10' 2.9-3.0m 420 ft³ 12 m³
5x10 Heated heated 4' 1.2m 6½' 2.0m 4½' 1.4m 9½' 2.9m 9½-10' 2.9-3.0m 420 ft³ 12 m³
5x10 South heated, ext.dr. 4' 1.2m 6½' 2.0m 4½' 1.4m 9½' 2.9m varies between units*
10x10 Roll-up exterior door 6' 1.8m 7' 2.1m 9½' 2.9m 9½' 2.9m 10-11' 3.0-3.4m 950 ft³ 27 m³
10x10 Heated heated 4' 1.2m 6½' 2.0m 9½' 2.9m 9½' 2.9m 8½-9½' 2.6-2.9m 815 ft³ 23 m³
10x20 Roll-up exterior door 8' 2.4m 8' 2.4m 9½' 2.9m 19½' 6.0m 9½-11' 2.9-3.4m 1900 ft³ 54 m³
All dimensions are approximate. **Heights vary within each unit because of sloping roof.
*Smallest unit is 8½-9 ft (2.6-2.7 m) tall and 375 ft³ (11 m³), medium unit is 9-9½ ft (2.7-2.9 m) tall and 400 ft³ (11 m³), biggest unit is 9½-10 ft (2.9-3.0 m) tall and 420 ft³ (12 m³).

All our units, heated or not, have wood and gyproc walls insulated with fiberglass on the outer walls and roof, which provides superior protection against extreme cold or heat compared to the concrete block or sheet metal walled units of most of our competitors. Our heated units are further protected with swing doors that seal better against drafts than roll-up doors do. A short hallway with another swing door provides a second level of protection from the elements for our heated units.

A frequently asked question is 'How big a storage bay do i need to store my goods?'

We also rent out RV (Recreational Vehicle) parking spaces and file storage (document storage).